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Community Fridge

Community Fridge


Did you know?

The average family wastes £470 a year throwing away food and drink and £3 billion is wasted by other food sectors, yet 4 million people are living in poverty.

Most of this waste is avoidable and could have been eaten if better managed.


After a rocky start and being let down by a local supermarket, I am delighted that Marks and Spencer in Ashtead have come to the rescue and are equally passionate about reducing  food waste and offering their surplus food to us.


The food we receive from Marks and Spencer will be very varied from non-perishable items to chilled foods and fruit and vegetables, but we won't know until the collection day what will be donated.


We think the community fridge will be a perfect way to try new foods for both you and you child, without the expense of buying it, only to discover it isn't liked or appreciated! 


The fridge will be open:

Mondays CLOSED

Tuesdays 10.00-4.00

Wednesdays 10.00-4.00

Thursdays 10.00-4.00

Fridays 10.00-4.00


We ask that you sign in at reception under the event of 'community fridge' and on your first few visits you ask for a little help, as it is important for us to ensure you are aware of the guidelines to using the food items.

The community fridge relies on your honesty and to only take what you know you need and will use which will allow as many people as possible to benefit the food in the fridge