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What to Expect From Our Play Sessions

Our play sessions are carefully planned in line with The Early Years Foundation Stage (Curriculum for the under 5's) to enhance all areas of development.                                                                   


Hopefully you will be able to take some activity ideas from the session and enjoy them at home.

When you arrive at the children's centre you will see a big 'white board' in our reception area informing you which area of development we are focussing on for that session, with ideas of what to look out for.


Most sessions will stop for a healthy snack where you child can try new foods and learn to socialise and share food with their friends.


The sesssion will finish with a short song time-requests will be taken for your little ones favourite songs and nursery rhymes.



During sessions you will be able to use the children's centre cameras to capture your child's development milestones to stick into their learning journals. Please be careful with the amount of photographs you take as the children's centre has limited funds to print a lot of photographs



Please remember it is your responsibility to supervise your child at all times during the session.