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Courses for Parents

Becoming a Family

A fun, informative and practical antenatal course for you and your partner.

Come and meet the local parents to explore family life and learn helpful skills to equip you for life as a new family.                                                                                                                                      

Call the centre for more details 020 8337 7310



A 3 week antenatal course providing you with information about labour, delivery and feeding your baby. This course is delivered by local midwives.                                                                        

Bookings can be made by calling 01372 735367


Getting to Know Your Baby                                                                                                                 

This is a 5 week course for very new parents. There will be a different focus each week and the opportunity to meet local mums. Sessions may include brain development, baby sensory, first aid, Pilates and baby massage.                                                                                                                

Please call the centre for more information or to book your place 020 8337 7310


Baby Massage                                                                                                                                   

This is a 5 week course for you to learn different massage techniques which can help with wind, colic and improving sleep. There is a £25 fee for this course which includes massage oil.                       

Please call the centre for more information or to book your place 020 8337 7310


Toddler Talk                                                                                                                                         

A 5 week course to learn how to encourage your toddlers speech and language development through interactive sessions and activities.                                                                                                

Please call the centre for more information or to book your place 020 8337 7310


Future Courses

Please see session details in News and Events for more details


Confidence Building